Wegatech Electronic is based in Malaysia. We have helped our customers worldwide for electronic design, PCB fabrication & PCBA.

Benefits of outsourcing your electronic design to Wegatech:

(a) Meet your tight project deadline, our prototype completed in less than 1 month depending on complexity
(b) Lower development (R&D), operating and overhead cost based on project basis
(c) Increase your sales revenue by concentrating on your core activities
(d) Solve your electronic project problem now without buying expensive electronic equipment
(e) Own a product based on your idea that is not available in the market
(f) Stop wasting time ...

Some of our products & services are:

(a) Electronic PCB fabrication and assembly (component soldering)
(b) Car sticker with light
(c) GPS tracker for vehicle with tow/jack up SMS alert
(d) 4-channel Remote control
(e) Switch your appliances ON/OFF using a mobile phone
(f) Motor controller
(g) Wireless communication design
(h) Internet of Things (IoT)
(i) Vending machine monitoring alert system
(j) Industrial automation

checking customer electronic PCB board

Wegatech Electronic can create a new design, enhance existing electronic system, or duplicate existing PCB to lower cost based on your requirement.

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