Wegatech Electronic: GPS tracker (Malaysia)

Why you need this GPS tracker?

This is a customized GPS tracker done by Wegatech Electronic for your vehicle. It can alert you by sending SMS if your vehicle is jack up and towed away. Or your vehicle is stolen by high tech thieves. According to a survey, a vehicle is the second most expensive item that you will buy in your life after your house. Imagine the inconvenience of losing your vehicle and waiting for more than 3 months to claim your vehicle insurance.

Why buy from Wegatech?

1. Typical GPS tracker is sold based on the basis that the vehicle got GPS signal in open coverage which is useless if the thief park the stolen vehicle inside a shop or underground parking. Our GPS tracker can still locate your vehicle in most cases.

2. Wegatech GPS tracker can acquire and track more GPS satellites effectively especially in urban areas with tall buildings.

3. When your vehicle is hijacked, the thief will probably steal all your belongings including your handphone and wallet. You cannot track your vehicle without your handphone using existing cheap GPS trackers sold in the market except Wegatech GPS tracker.

Buy Wegatech GPS vehicle tracker today. No monthly or contract fee with us.
You pay for your own monthly SIM card subscription of your choice.

To order or arrange for a demo in Klang Valley, please send us an email.

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