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Bluetooth wireless module:

A sample video for wireless Bluetooth AC power control


Works with any USB Bluetooth adapters.
Default Baud Rate: 9600,8,1,N.
Coverage up to 30ft.
Built in antenna.
Comes with 4 pin headers for you to connect to your existing board easily.
Power input: 3.6V-6VDC.

433MHz RF wireless module:


(a) Operating voltage: 1.8V ~ 3.6V (recommended 3.3V)
(b) The maximum rate of 500kbps, support for 2-FSK, GFSK and MSK modulation
(c) Software can modify Rate, Power, Frequency
(d) High sensitivity (1.2Kbps under-110dBm, 1% packet error rate)
(e) Built-in hardware CRC error detection, and address control
(f) Lower current consumption (RX in, 15.6mA, 2.4Kbps, 433MHz)
(g) Programmable control of output power, up to +10 dBm
(h) Micro-power wireless RF data transmission module.
(i) Using high-performance wireless commucication chip.
(j) Coverage up to 300 meters in open area.
(k) With wireless wake-up features, sensitivity to -110dBm, high reliability
(l) Compliance with ETSI(EN300-220-1 & EN301-439-3)
(m) No need to apply for frequency usage license.

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