Wegatech Electronic: GPS tracker (Malaysia)

Why you need this GPS tracker?

This is a customized GPS tracker done by Wegatech Electronic for your vehicle. It can alert you by sending SMS if your vehicle is jack up and towed away. Hence, no need to worry. You can track your vehicle as frequent as you want.

When the GPS tracker receive a call from an authorised telephone number, it will send a SMS containing the Google map of your vehicle location.

You can hide it in your car or portable asset for tracking purposes without any installation required. Comes with a magnet to stick on any metalic surface.

No need to memorise complicated SMS command to use this GPS tracker or subscribe to expensive monthly monitoring service.

How it works:

1. Charge the GPS tracker using the power adaptor provided.
2. Insert a mobile SIM card into the GPS tracker, then power ON and place the GPS tracker in your vehicle near the windscreen.
3. If your car is stolen, dial the GPS tracker telephone number. It will automatically hang up and reply with a SMS containing a link to Google map for you to view the map directly on your handphone.
4. Before you start your car, remove and turn OFF the GPS tracker.

Buy Wegatech GPS vehicle tracker today. No monthly or contract fee with us.
You pay for your own monthly SIM card subscription of your choice.

To order or arrange for a demo, please send us an email.

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